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Wedding dresser/Bridal assistant services 

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Some things unfortunately can not be planned for, like busted zippers, accidental spills and stains, rips, creases, clothing mishaps, messed up hairdos, endless buttons and a confusing gown train.

Hand over that stress to our head designer and seamstress -Rivki who has had over 8 years of experience in the bridal and seamstress industry. ​

Rivki comes with a full sized steamer, Sewing machine, safety pins, hair pins, curling irons, stain removers, baby wipes, lint rollers, hair spray, deodorant, bandaids, blister pads, scissors, phone chargers, sweat guards and many more odds and ends for any unexpected situation that might arise. 

Rivki will pre-steam all the gowns, check them all over for any pulls or loose seams, she will make sure to help carefully dress and look over each family member before and after photos.

she will be right beside the photographer making sure dresses are not ruffled or twisted for each photo with wrinkle release and static spray in-hand (photographers are great at lighting and focus, but not there to notice or look out for fly-away hairs, ruffled gowns or tilted bowties). get in right the first time and have no future photo regrets!

Rivki will be right at the entrance of the aisle sending each family member down with a fresh spray of static guard and a perfectly straightened train.

she will be there to change out veils and straighten out hairdos, and quick clean ups between dances, making sure everyone stays looking clean and fresh all night

Most importantly, she will be there to calm nerves and ease stress levels, and take care of all those things you could not possibly ever prepare enough for!

This long awaited day happens once, Rivki will be there to make sure things run smoothly and make sure any hiccups in the road, go unnoticed!

Servicing NY/NJ


$600 base price (Including first 3 hours)

$150 for every additional hour

$20-$120 travel fee (depending on location)

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Months of preparation...

Thousands of dollars spent...

Many sleepless nights...

Endless clothing shopping and color matching...

Shleppy Fitting appointments...

...For everyone to look their absolute best

             on that special long awaited day!

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